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Your Biggest Vision

Nov 21, 2022

On Thanksgiving week, I like to reflect on the big turning point in my business. On a trip to Barcelona, my business shifted from a small side hustle to a business toward which I dedicated my entire life.

I was at a moment where I couldn't even hear myself talk about the future anymore because I knew I was doing nothing for it. I had to make some vulnerable, scary decisions for myself and my business. In this episode, I walk through it all! Thanksgiving Week has always been a beautiful reminder of what can happen when you choose to move forward, follow your dreams, and how you can always come out on top.

Tune In To Hear:

  • The pivotal moment that I decided to put all of my trust into my side hustle 

  • How I grew in my business after hitting rock bottom 

  • How you can choose your Hero’s Journey NOW, even in the most uncertain, painful times 

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