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Your Biggest Vision

Dec 19, 2022

Many entrepreneurs believe that ‘work harder’ means pull more all-nighters and do more more more for their business. But working harder on the physical aspects of your business without doing the hard work on your mentality does not bring success.

Is there mindset work that you haven’t done or are afraid to do? 


Dec 12, 2022

Do you not trust yourself with your business to accomplish your dreams? 

What uncomfortable blocks are you coming up agains that are keeping you from reaching your full potential?

Are you only hustling and forgetting to do the mindset work that comes with owning a business?

Then today’s What It Takes guest is for you!...

Dec 5, 2022


What would you give to be your own boss? Would you give a $300k salary at a job you worked very hard for? Today's guest did just that!

Candidly sharing her journey as a first generation American and a corporate attorney, today's guest, Cindy Zuniga-Sanchez, is here to share her story, how she conquered debt, became an...