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Your Biggest Vision

Aug 29, 2019

As small business owners and entrepreneurs, we often are building movements. There’s no one who knows more about leading a movement bigger than yourself than the Executive Director of NYC Pride, Chris Frederick.


Not only does Chris lead NYC Pride year after year, he recently managed World Pride in NYC at the same...

Aug 27, 2019

Mel Robbins is a Life Coach and best-selling author. Not to mention, she’s one of my the most inspirational people I’ve ever come across! 


A few weeks ago, I had the complete privilege of attending a recording of her upcoming show, The Mel Robbins Show, airing in September. In this episode, I’m sharing my three...

Aug 24, 2019

“I’d love to, but I can’t afford it…”


Sound familiar? This is something I hear every day. People want to start a blog, a business, a coaching business… you name it. They know that they have a dream, but they don’t think they have the money to spend on making it happen.


I felt this way too, and...

Aug 22, 2019

Unfulfilled in your job? Stressed about money? Wondering when you’re going to meet “the one?”


We all have obstacles we face in life. They can feel complex and confusing. More often then not, however, our exterior obstacles are reflections of internal wounds we need to heal. That’s exactly what type of work...

Aug 15, 2019

Ever felt that gut feeling that your current job isn’t your forever job? Ever felt more than once? Today’s guest is a true testament to what it means to courageously listen to your gut, even when it means going against the grain.


Before founding Effie’s Paper, a stationary company based on female empowerment,...