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Your Biggest Vision

Dec 28, 2020

It’s the very last episode of 2020 and it’s storytime, visionaries! In this episode, I share a personal core wound that kept me stagnant and in low self worth in a good portion of 2018. This wound showed up time and time again until one simple message changed my perspective and life completely. This story has taught me a multitude of lessons, but, more than anything it has reminded me to share my message regardless of the feedback, engagement numbers, metrics, etc. None of the numerical metrics that we track can measure the depth of impact that you have on someone’s life. A post with only 15 comments changed mine…


Tune in to hear:


  • How learning to recognize my core wounds set me free of low self worth and limiting beliefs.


  • Why sharing your message (regardless of your feedback, engagement, etc) will likely change a life.


  • The story of how one person’s message changed my perspective and thus, life and business entirely.