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Your Biggest Vision

Apr 13, 2020

Today’s guest on the Your Biggest Vision show is the new Operations Manager of Urban 20 Something and my sister, Abby Gervais! Abby has just recently joined the Urban 20 Something team and is here to share her journey of how she decided to make the shift from her 9-5  job at an investment bank to working for a small business. On top of this daunting business transition, the coronavirus pandemic was in full force, making this unconventional lifestyle shift all the more challenging and unique.


Tune in to: 


  • Get to know Urban 20 Somethings’ newest employee, and how she recovered from COVID-19.


  • Hear a behind the scenes look at what March of 2020 looked like for Urban 20 Something, Abby and myself.


  • What it has been like for Abby to start a new job in the midst of a pandemic.