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Your Biggest Vision

Mar 15, 2021

If you are an online business owner (whether you use Facebook ads at this point or not), today’s episode with Emily Hirsh, CEO of Hirsh Marketing, was made for you. Emily Hirsh is joining us today to cover the basics of facebook ads, lead generation to an email list and why these two elements are crucial for the growth and security of your online business. Emily and I also discuss tips on how to connect with your audience during the pandemic, how to pivot your business, how to grow your podcast, and how so many other tips to being a well-balanced CEO.


Tune in to hear:


  • Emily Hirsh, CEO of Hirsh marketing, share her best kept secrets when it comes to online business and being a CEO.


  • Why you should be consistently working to grow your email list


  • How Emily is a mother to three children, leads 25 employees and continues to level-up her business while balancing her personal life through her power to decide.