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Your Biggest Vision

Sep 12, 2019

Ever wondered why some women seem to have their career paths paved for them? They’re constantly getting raises and promotions, they have an extensive network, and their boss loves them. Meanwhile, it can feel like you must be missing something to have those same results?


Look no further for that secret sauce. The good news is anyone can do it. The real news is you have to have a strategy behind it. That’s what Lydia can teach you how to do.


Lydia Fenet started her now 20-year career at Christie’s Auction House, the most prestigious Auction House in the world, and has since raised nearly a billion dollars for charities in auctioning.


Tune into this episode to hear:


  • Lydia’s actionable advice on using storytelling to sell more in your business and life.


  • Case studies of multiple powerful women that came together for the messaging in this book.


  • The single mindset that has led to Lydia’s successful 20 years career, all while raising three children in the city that never sleeps!