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Your Biggest Vision

Aug 15, 2019

Ever felt that gut feeling that your current job isn’t your forever job? Ever felt more than once? Today’s guest is a true testament to what it means to courageously listen to your gut, even when it means going against the grain.


Before founding Effie’s Paper, a stationary company based on female empowerment, Kalyn Johnson Chandler followed her interest through some pretty prestigious careers. However, she realized that just because she liked learning about something, it didn’t mean she’d be making the most of herself in that career path.


Tune into today’s episode to hear:


  • How Kalyn’s work as a Minority Peer Advisor in college led her to her first career path
  • How Kalyn’s determination always kept her moving forward. Or as she says, “I’ve come this far in pursuing my dreams, I’m going to do it right.”
  • How Effie’s Paper is leading a female empowerment movement through everyday changes and messaging