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Your Biggest Vision

May 23, 2019

Kunal Mehta is a New York City-based venture capitalist, author, and former entrepreneur who documents the stories of the bold risk-takers that change the world through technology and social impact. Kunal is the author of Disruptors, and is working on his second book, Finding Genius.


Kunal and I met years ago when we both worked at charity: water. Since then, he’s been an amazing supported in guiding me toward my own vision. And, he himself is one of the biggest visionaries I’ve ever met!


Kunal’s persistence in living out his passion is infectious, and something all of us could implement in our own lives.


Tune into this episode to hear:


  • When Kunal knew he needed to leave his job on Wall Street, even without a backup plan.


  • What Kunal’s research showed about the reality of startups and entrepreneurship.


  • Kunal’s dynamite tips for finding your purpose, no matter how lost you feel.