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Your Biggest Vision

Feb 7, 2023

Welcome back to the Your Biggest Vision Podcast! I have taken a little bit of a break from this podcast, but am so excited to catch up with you guys and start recording again! 

There have been a lot of new, great developments in my life, but by far the biggest was becoming a mother to my one-year-old son. In my first year of motherhood, I’ve learned so much. I receive a lot of questions on being a new mom and also balancing that with entrepreneurship. 

In this episode, I’ll be answering my most frequently asked questions from my first year of motherhood, and discussing: 


  • Getting to work for myself and still be present with my child 

  • Making the decision to work less hours a week while still running a successful business 

  • Self-care and motherhood, and what it was like developing a good routine for myself 

  • How I nurture my mental health as a mom 


I hope you enjoy this new part of my podcast, I’m very excited to share more about my journey with motherhood with you guys. And if you want more inside business secrets, head over to my Seven Figure Secrets Podcast!