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Your Biggest Vision

Mar 27, 2023


This March marks 7 WHOLE YEARS since I first bought my domain, and decided to take my life in a different direction. 

It’s been quite the journey. I am NOT an overnight success story, but I have 7 years of business tips under my belt.

Have you just begun your business, and you’re having trouble comparing yourself to other online business owners? 

Are you looking to start a business, but don’t know where to begin and don’t know what the future will look like? 

Maybe you’ve stopped dreaming for yourself? 

Or have you had your business for a few years now and you’re feeling stagnant, not seeing the numbers you want? Then this episode is for you! 

Today, I’ll be sharing 7 success tips that I’ve learned over the past 7 years in business. Tune in to hear: 


  • The struggles I had to go through with my business to get to where I am today. 


  • The changes I made to my finances when I began my business. 


  • Why you can’t doubt yourself as an entrepreneur, especially when you’re first beginning. 


I hope this episode gave you a good insight on all the possibilities of where your business can go!

If you want more inside business secrets, then head over to my Seven-Figure Secrets Podcast! There, we discuss what goes on behind the scenes of running a seven figure business, and I give you the scoop on how to make it happen for you. 

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