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Your Biggest Vision

Nov 15, 2022

Do you wonder how so many seven-figure business owners are seemingly working only a few days a week?

Do you wonder what they're doing, or what they did, to get to that place?

Today's guest shares it all.

Welcome to the What It Takes series of Your Biggest Vision! In this series, I will be interviewing clients and entrepreneurs, and getting their insight on how their businesses are so successful, and how they did it. In this What It Takes interview, I will be chatting with my good friend and coach, Lacey Sites. 

Lacey is the owner of seven-figure businesses, a mom, a one-on-one business coach, focusing on mindset, strategy, and execution. In this episode, we discuss: 

  • Balancing mindset and action, and checking in with your WILLINGNESS to go all in with your business 

  • The commonalities amongst Lacey's most successful clients

  • The slippery slope of only focusing on “mindset”, and how to take action sustainably for your business

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