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Your Biggest Vision

Aug 31, 2020

Do you struggle with body image, self acceptance or your relationship with food? You are certainly not alone. Today’s guest, Jessi Jean, is a food freedom coach who helps women stop binge and overeating and heal their relationship with food and their body. In this episode Jessi shares her incredible journey from struggling with disordered eating for a decade to helping so many people overcome their own food and body insecurities. Through her journey, she has also found her flow in entrepreneurship and the successful business she has built. Jessi is a testament to doing what you are called to do!


Tune in to hear:


  • Jessi’s personal and entrepreneurial journey to becoming a food freedom coach.


  • How Jessi put the pieces of her puzzle together to gain food freedom, self acceptance and body positivity and how she helps her clients do the same.


  • Why finding food freedom allows you to live in fulfillment and alignment with your highest self.