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Your Biggest Vision

Oct 24, 2022

What’s the deal with “hustle culture”? There’s a lot of opinions on hustle culture floating out there, and it can be difficult to sift through what’s going to serve you as a business owner. Some people say you shouldn’t hustle and focus more on your energy and your wants without actions, while others say you should only be hustling and overwork yourself if you want results.

We want to avoid burnout and feeling like robots, but that doesn't mean we can avoid hard work if we want big results.

Tune into this podcast to hear: 

  • The problem with anti-hustle culture teachings and why they can be damaging 

  • Why hustling can actually SERVE your business, and bring you more success 

  • How to hustle with PURPOSE and take action with your business without burning yourself out 

  • My current relationship with hustling for my business, and how I can still succeed only working 3 days a week

Go behind-the-scenes of my Leah Gervais Methodology, which has allowed me and my clients to excel to new heights time and time again. These journal prompts will walk you through the exact steps. CLICK HERE to download, and head on over to the Your Biggest Vision website and join our weekly newsletter!