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Your Biggest Vision

Mar 9, 2022

I’m not Miranda Priestly, but I did have four assistants over the course of two years. In this episode, I outline just HOW this happened, the mistakes I made, and the benefits I finally tapped into that allowed my business' growth thanks to my team.  

You'll hear:

  1. The biggest mistake I made when hiring an assistant that wasn't the right fit

  2. What I wish I would've known about hiring assistants beforehand

  3. Exactly what about team support allowed my income to scale so much

  4. How my team allowed me to take a maternity leave for a business than bears my name


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Tune into this week’s episode to hear in-depth about my journey with assistants, what I learned about the power of hiring & training the right people, and how our team can help you do the same to break through to your next level.