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Your Biggest Vision

Dec 19, 2022

Many entrepreneurs believe that ‘work harder’ means pull more all-nighters and do more more more for their business. But working harder on the physical aspects of your business without doing the hard work on your mentality does not bring success.

Is there mindset work that you haven’t done or are afraid to do? 

Is there a mental block you cannot get past when it comes to your own success? Are you afraid of failure, rejection, or losing money in your business? Do you find yourself making excuses and talking yourself out of doing the work for your business? 

Then today’s What It Takes guest is for you! In this series, I will be interviewing clients and entrepreneurs, and getting their insight on how their businesses are so successful, and how they did it. In this What It Takes interview, I will be chatting with one of my former coaches, David Neagle.

David Neagle is a master of mindset and visualization for business owners. He guides people on their journey to personal financial freedom by working smarter. He has a seminar called "Life Is Now" where he teaches a holistic approach to help people grow their businesses.

In this interview, David and I will be discussing what it takes to work smarter for your business, and what it really means to work harder.

Follow David’s Instagram HERE and visit his website for more coaching information HERE!

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