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Your Biggest Vision

Sep 13, 2021

Sharing how the power of visualization has impacted my life and why visualization is one of my favorite mindset tools to date. I am coming to you live from Paris as I celebrate my baby moon and first seven figure year! Being in this city feels like a complete full circle moment as it is the city where the true entrepreneur in me was first ignited. I also want to thank everyone for your kind thoughts and congratulations as my team and I celebrate our first seven figure year! In this episode, I am sharing the story of how we made it to Europe despite all odds.


Tune in to hear:


  • How the power of mindset helped get my husband and I to Europe against all odds


  • What my 15 year old self taught me about business when I moved to Paris in high school


  • How I have learned to see opportunities instead of obstacles and why it has changed my life and business