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Your Biggest Vision

Mar 28, 2022

What if you could make more money, serve more people, and scale your business...all while working less?  

Live from Miami! This week, I'm sharing with you how & why I made the decision to move to a 3-day work week when I came back from maternity leave. I am so passionate about striving to hit high goals, but it should never be at the cost of your lifestyle. You are the one responsible for creating your perfect work life balance (the perk of being your own boss!), and I want to be transparent with you on how I made a 3-day work week my reality.


I'll share with you:

  • why my first trimester of pregnancy was the catalyst for working less

  • my exact process of transitioning with my team so they could run my business without me for half the week

  • the specifics of what I delegated (and what I didn't)

  • my fears of what would happen when I made this decision, and how I worked through them


"If you're doing something different, that will almost always be an asset."