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Your Biggest Vision

Jul 19, 2021

From $30 per hour to $15k per MONTH


Learn how to access your higher self and experience more abundance in your life and business with the incredible @shannonbillscoaching!


Shannon is a mindset and audition coach who helps people master the art of self worth.


She left her successful job in casting in the heart of Hollywood, that she LOVED, to follow her higher self and start her own business. It started with acting coaching at an hourly rate, which resulted in her working with up to 60 clients per MONTH.


Now, she works a third of the amount of hours she did when she started, yet her income tripled. Hear how!


Tune in to the @Yourbiggestvisionshow on itunes or Spotify to hear:


- How Shannon's business took off in less than a year even as a new entrepreneur.


- Advice and tips on how to start co-creating your dream life with the universe!


- Questions to get you thinking about how you may be limiting yourself to what you are truly capable of.