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Your Biggest Vision

Mar 21, 2022

Imagine you’ve invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into your dream career…and then realize it’s not actually your dream. What would you do? I’m joined by a very special guest today, Adam Pascarella (my husband!), to share his story about escaping law school and rewriting his career path.

Tune in to hear:

  • Cold emailing is more effective than you think (and how it got him an interview with Anthony Scaramucci!)
  • How leveraging your personal network could be the key to your dream career
  • Tips to cultivate confidence & certainty within yourself when you feel like you’re starting from zero
  • the power of going from good to great, and not waiting for things to get bad first

Check out his brand new book: Reversed in Part by Adam Pascarella

A deep dive into how 15 accomplished law school graduates built stellar careers outside traditional legal practice. From startups and finance to sports broadcasting and nonprofits, you will get inspiration and practical advice on how to craft a career that you love.