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Your Biggest Vision

Oct 17, 2019

Ever felt like you’ve done everything “right” only to realize you’re completely unhappy, and therefore more lost than ever? Today’s guest knows a thing or two about that!


Sara Anna Powers grew up wanting to be a lawyer. After successfully graduating law school, landing a six-figure prestigious job directly after, becoming engaged, and buying a family home, her life was going exactly the way one would want… right?


All of a sudden, Sara Anna was let go of her job due to the 2009 recession. Her engagement ended. She had a one-month severance and a mortgage she now had to pay alone. Sounds like your life is turned upside down, right? Through Sara Anna’s strong faith and relationship with God, she found her purpose through her pain.


Tune into this episode to hear:


  • The simple yet MOST powerful concept I’ve heard for doing away with fear… for good!


  • Why alignment is key to your longterm success, and how to stay within it


  • A faith-based understanding of why you are MORE than worthy of all the money you desire