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Your Biggest Vision

Mar 19, 2019

It’s embarrassing to admit, but the truth is I spent the first several months of running my website with an email list that grew by about 15 people a month.


Yes, I knew it was important. Yes, I started “building it” from day one. But no, I did not really know what I was doing or how truly important it was to my long-term success.


About a year in, I had felt like one of the reasons it wasn’t growing quickly was because I wasn’t focusing on it enough and felt spread too thin. So, I went rogue and didn’t focus on anything else until I got up to 50 subscribers a week- even making sales.


During that time and much to my delight, I established so many systems and figured out so clearly what worked that I barely had to pay attention to my lead generation anymore; it’s nearly all on autopilot and has not fallen below 50 per week since. In fact, It’s not rare for me to get 50 new subscribers per DAY!


Tune in to her the switches I made during that time of intense focus so you can implement them and start seeing your list skyrocket!