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Your Biggest Vision

Dec 12, 2022

Do you not trust yourself with your business to accomplish your dreams? 

What uncomfortable blocks are you coming up agains that are keeping you from reaching your full potential?

Are you only hustling and forgetting to do the mindset work that comes with owning a business?

Then today’s What It Takes guest is for you! In this series, I will be interviewing clients and entrepreneurs, and getting their insight on how their businesses are so successful, and how they did it. In this What It Takes interview, I will be chatting with Shannon Bills.

Shannon Bills is a coach that specializes in mindset work, energy, and manifestation. She's an alum of my Mastermind and has built a multiple six-figure business using the mindset work she gave her actors to help other business owners achieve their highest goals. She helps her clients with their highest highs and lowest lows, and every uncomfortable part of entrepreneurship in-between. 

Shannon has a successful energetics work program that has been transformative for many of her clients. 

Follow Shannon on Instagram HERE, and work with her HERE! 


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