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Your Biggest Vision

Aug 16, 2022

Ever wonder what I... spend my days doing? Or how entrepreneurs manage their time, including what they do vs. what they delegate? I'm sharing all of that today.

Contrary to what a lot of the coaches on Instagram say…having a successful business is not a given.

It takes conscious choice and radical action. You will not be handed success just by showing up.

But is it 100% possible for you? YES.

This week, I want to take you behind the scenes in how I craft my weeks as a 7-figure business owner, without have to work a crazy amount or give up time with my new baby.


Tune in to hear:

Why working less is a non-negotiable for me

  • What I delegate vs. what I do myself
  • Why I only coach one day a week

  • My decision-making process for what I do in a day

  • How I sell via automated systems every single day


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