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Your Biggest Vision

Jun 13, 2019

We all experience some form(s) of tragedy. In theory, we may know that we can turn pain into purpose, but how does it really look in practice? Today’s guest, Kathryn Roberts, has a touching and brave story that does just that.


Kathryn is the founder of the Quest for $47 and is a content creation expert. She works with entrepreneurs to create content that converts their audience into customers. Kathryn firmly believes that content is king, and through her expertise, she transforms the reach potential of her clients.


Before starting her business, Kathryn experienced a huge obstacle within her family which totally changed her life. In overcoming this obstacle, Kathryn found a new, elevated sense of self-worth and self-value, which continues to lead her today, and supports her as an entrepreneur.


Tune into this episode to hear:


  • How a challenging shift within Kathryn’s family defined her new sense of self-worth.
  • How her ability to turn pain into passion equips her for entrepreneurship (and how it can for you too!).
  • How she works with her clients to generate months worth of content in one day.