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Your Biggest Vision

May 4, 2023

Disappointment in business is inevitable. We can’t avoid it! But, we can change they way we look at it. 

How does disappointment resonate within you? How do you view disappointment in business? 

Are you finding yourself going down a rabbit hole of disappointment when you don’t achieve a certain goal you set for yourself? 

Or on the other hand, do you avoid disappointment at all costs? 

Then today’s episode is for you! In today’s episode, we will be discussing: 

  • The three concepts I use to move through disappointing launches, months, client engagements, etc.

  • My client-loved "domino of doubt" process to identify fears in your business

  • How to move through disappointment quicker so you can find more success sooner

I still feel disappointment in my business, but I have learned to reframe it and move through it quicker. I hope these tips helps you, and encourage you to keep moving with your business! 

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