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Your Biggest Vision

Jul 25, 2019

Do you crave having an impact in your career, but sometimes feel like it’s missing...? If you listen to this show, I’m guessing you do have the desire. Today’s guest worked for 12 years as a public school math teacher. She was largely motivated by the impact she wanted to have on her students’ lives.


When she left her job as a teacher to start her own business, she was driven by impact above all. That leading voice led her to build a seven-figure business in only two years of business. Now, she supports entrepreneurs in building and scaling businesses with a connection to their highest self, impact on their customers and clients, and education on their money mindset.


Tune into this episode to hear…


  • How Jesse helps her clients learn about the flow of money and find financial freedom, even when starting from square one.


  • What books and resources can teach you about how money functions in connection with your life and work.


  • How to stop “waiting” for your achievements to be given to you and GO GET THEM instead.